A, the installation should completely remove all impurities within the pipe, to avoid impurities damage, jamming, clogging and leakage of the valve. Surface should be cleaned at the same time so as not to leave the tap supplies residue.

B, for any kind of faucet handle products without the use of excessive force at the time of the switch, just gently twist or toggle lever can be. There faucet outlet after taking into account net cover a period of time by the use of the product should be demolished rinse to remove impurities. The product is equipped with a hose should pay attention to the natural stretch hose keep the state in order to avoid breaking.

C, tap the surface should always use a clean soft cloth dipped in a little cleaner and gently wipe with a disabled group or stiff wire scouring pad and other particles. In addition, must not lead to bruising collision with hard objects faucet surface.

D, the use of sometimes occurs near the faucet is not completely closed, leakage, the handle loose, loose connection port leakage phenomenon, consumers generally resolves itself. Such as spiral rubber seal is not completely closed the faucet, usually due to stiff debris stuck seal, then simply remove the handwheel unscrew the valve cap, cleaning impurities around the spool as it is installed you can post resume normal use. Such as ceramic seal faucets closed spool is not complete, it may be hard sealing surface scratches or debris on the spool applied preload enough. If the former, only the faucet sent to factory service department or professional maintenance department repair. If the latter, simply remove the handle by the user (handwheel) will slightly tighten the valve again.

E, handle (hand wheel) loose in general there are two reasons: First, when the handle assembly is not due to negligence (handwheel) securing good, only need to tighten the fixing screw. Second, the handle (hand wheel) selection is poor, occurred in the handle (hand wheel) and the valve connecting portion premature oxidation, corrosion, resulting in the gap increases caused, generally without remedy. So, as far as possible not to use low-end faucet.

F, in case of leaking faucet joints, usually caused when the assembly is not screwed tight, just tighten. Sometimes, a faucet in all aspects than those perfect, but there are circumstances have kept dripping closed. Then look at the length of time the drip, drip stop and whether the number of water droplets. A longer period may sometimes continue dripping 4,5 minutes total at about a dozen drops. After dropping out of water equivalent to the water faucet spout closed over water inside, is a normal phenomenon.

G, after a period of use, such as found in the water is reduced, or even turn off the water heater phenomenon, you may consider net clogged faucet, the faucet water outlet bubbler gently unscrew and remove the worry nets, remove impurities generally able to recover as new.

H, if used properly, maintenance and timely, high quality and good quality faucet maintain long-term as new.

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