Dealer area

Joining process:

1. Read the company detailed investment information may be obtained from our company staff to determine the intention to join, conducted negotiations;

2. Fill in the proxy application form, proof of funds related business license, tax certificate, store business plans, operational plans submitted by the company brand;

3, the company's franchisee stores rationale row comprehensive assessment, after passing the examination and approval of reported corporate headquarters;

4, after the company headquarters intention to join after passing the examination provider agency signed a formal contract and pay the associated costs;

5, the company joined the headquarters renovation store surface decoration company to design and send renovations, while determining the opening date;

6, the company headquarters to develop advertising plans, conduct staff primaries, advertising, production of advertising propaganda designed goods, picking and other work performed;

7, the headquarters staff of the company to send the franchisee store personnel professional training;

8, into the operational phase of the terminal market, the company regularly to guide operations.

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