Dealer area

Affiliate basic conditions

1, the local has a good business reputation and business reputation and to comply with relevant laws and regulations of the company, recognized head of corporate culture and business philosophy. Has a long-term market planning and strong dedication;

2, dedication, enthusiasm and promising customer service, there are ambitious ambition and entrepreneurial spirit of innovation. Guangdong Kellers bathroom brand has a strong business and brand awareness, with team spirit, with the company to create a brand name stood concept of sustainable development.

3, with a registered capital of 300,000 of corporate legal personality, a fixed industrial and commercial registration office space and office space must be established in the capital city or province important developed cities. With the company's marketing of the operating system and management talent.

4, joined by the regional building materials market have a more comprehensive understanding and experience from building materials more than 3 years. More comprehensive sales network and adequate working capital; there is less than 130 square feet (Shenluda need to follow the special request of the Ministry Brand Design Co., decoration, image display) brand showrooms, no less than 300 square feet of warehouse logistics. On-year sales and channel outlets negotiated and signed in accordance with the requirements of the specific situation of each place.

5, with high-quality marketing team, perfect after-sales service personnel security and integrity of the management team; the team is equipped with the needed event planning, planning, business leaders, engineering PR, web promotion, promotion channels for county towns, sale fixed service staff.

6, to actively cooperate with the Corporation unified market operation, management and guidance accepted headquarters and timely market information feedback to headquarters.

7, is willing to accept the standard training company. Possible according to the company demanding the implementation of brand standards, agency and end preferential price.

Agents responsibility

1, must meet the first purchase amount and the company three-month test requirements; Shixiao agent must understand the company's products, test marketing period of three months (90 days of market development period).

2, comply with and implement the company developed the product sales price system, not dumping.

3, where the agent is limited to the area within the range of Affiliate sales, not cross-regional sales, not changing products. Familiar with the local market, with a strong marketing capability and good relations Lands;

4, in line with the company completed a variety of promotional activities and product pre-sale, sale and service.

5, subject to the headquarters of the unified management, proactive maintenance company terminal image and product image.

6, can the system output for lower-level dealers entire store management, on the lower-level dealers in safeguarding the interests of maintaining the brand's headquarters have good supervision.

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