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1, brand licensing and use:

Monopoly franchisee will get "Kellers" brand franchise, and with the comprehensive promotion of enterprises upgrade shops influence and appeal.

2, the three protection

Regional protection: no cross-reset operating area without worrying about these goods phenomenon.

Credit protection: 35 years of production strict brand management and services, enhance brand reputation degrees.

Property Protection: exclusive product distribution rights, trademark rights, all the products are protected by law.

3, Hironobu intensive promotional support:

Television advertising: CCTV and local TV and other national media for a strong publicity.

Newspaper media advertising: well-known national media, local mainstream media, a total of more than 50 media simultaneously running.

Network media advertising: more than 15 well-known sites simultaneously advertising.

4, shop Assessment and brand image:

Kellers bathroom franchisees provide professional assessment to evaluate the operation of shop and store design provides a standard renovation program, the formation of a unified terminal brand image.

5, business counseling training:

Kellers bathroom provide the perfect shopping guide, business, services and internal staff training to franchisees.

6. Strengthen store management operational support:

Kellers bathroom provides advanced store management system model and market trading strategies support to franchisees.

Companies planning to organize a unified brand promotional activities, and assist in the implementation of the regional market execution.

7, strong product development and production support:

Kellers bathroom has a large factory automated production lines, and the United Association for supporting large-scale manufacturers, strictly supervised by professional design and development personnel and quality control personnel, first-class product designers and more than 2,000 skilled workers together to create brand boutique.

8, a special fund to support:

Free support is provided comprehensive business terminal posters, hanging flags, pictures, DM, billboards and the like;

Reduce the customer's investment, the terminal portion of the business to bear the image of bay, indoor and outdoor inkjet image;

Enhance the management, "Kellers' brand image of the store renovation fund to support the standard.

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